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Top 5 Inspiring Slap Bass Videos

Hey bass rebels, I’m back with a new post. The slap bass was my holy grail when I was starting out, and it is something I always wanted to learn how to do (I’m still trying hehe). I remember all the metronome beeps and sleepless nights trying to nail the slap licks and figure out the techniques.


To be honest, I think that everyone should learn how to slap on bass, no matter of the actual style they are into. I’m saying this as I know a lot of bassists who for any reason don’t slap. They just don’t. They play metal, pop or jazz and they say that they don’t like to slap. In those situations I always thought that they were hiding something, as they didn’t sound very convincing. Maybe they found slap to be too hard to learn or not worth the time? Anyhow, in my opinion - they are missing out.

Slap bass course banner 1

Exploring the slap bass playing style has a huge number of benefits. First of all, it’s fun! Next, you get a chance to really focus on the beat and groove instead of melody. This really helps take the bass playing to a new level. We get to practice our time keeping skills, and explore different beat subdivisions like never before. Finally, we get to make crowd go crazy for a bass solo for a change, everyone thinks that slap bass sounds awesome - even non musicians.

David Dyson’s awesome bass solo

Flea & Chad Jam

Victor Wooten - Pretty Little Lady Groove

Graham Central Station - Pow

Mark King - Slap Solo

Which bassists and videos would you add to the list? Post in the comments below.

p.s. Don’t forget to check out my Slap Bass for Beginners bass course If you are looking to get into the slap bass playing style.

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