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The Biggest Obstacle To Learning Bass

When thinking about what could be the biggest obstacle when learning how to play bass, the first thing that comes to my mind is - staying inspired. I guess this is true for all music instruments, including bass guitar. If we are not inspired, then we won’t pick up the instrument to practice so often.

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What To Do When You Make A Mistake Playing Bass On Stage

You’re on stage and you're rocking out. The crowd is so into your band and they are dancing and bobbing their heads to your bass groove. You are in the moment and you are truly enjoying it! What follows is horror: the chorus of the song starts and you suddenly have no idea how the bass line goes. You simply forgot it like you never played it before. You have no idea how this could happen but it did. So what do you do?

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How To Play Ghost Notes On Bass

In my honest opinion, no matter of the style you play, you can’t go not knowing how to play ghost notes on the bass. The ghost notes are the flavor, as well as the cherry on top that make the bass so groovy and fun to play. Bass closely flirts with drums all the time, and ghost (or dead) notes are important.

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How to Become The Most Wanted Band Member

Quick answer is - play BASS!

Playing bass can be so rewarding and comes with a lot of perks. One of them is that it's very easy to find a band to play with. Every band needs a bass player, and you know what - we are in demand! I'd dare to say that there are no ‘unemployed’ bass players, as long as they are any good on the instrument.

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Bass To The Future

Back The Future is a movie trilogy that has left a strong influence on me when I was growing up and I feel a strong nostalgic rush nowadays every time I watch the movies. I’m really a movies junkee and I grew up watching movies every day with my father. Having said this, watching Back To The Future is something I’d never get bored with.

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