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The Most Common Mistake Guitarists Do When Switching to Bass

There is something that I’ve noticed, which I think is very common among guitar players switching to bass - the lack of ghost (dead) notes! When thinking about it, those percussive, groovy ghost notes are really an integral part of bass playing, but rarely used on guitar as a technique or composing element (unless you are Ross Bolton). This is probably the main reason why guitarists just skip playing those when switching to bass. Of course, I could write an essay on troubles guitarists face when moving on to the bass, as there are really lots of stumble points involved - mostly related to the mindset needed for the bass.

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Top 5 Cool Bass Songs Every Beginner Should Learn

I’ve compiled a list of top 5 songs every bass player that is getting started on the instrument should learn to play. These songs are definitely classics in different genres, relatively easy to play - yet fun! You can be a complete beginner a still work them out on the instrument. So, if you’ve been looking for a recommendation on which songs to learn on bass when starting out, I’m sharing my list. These are one of the first songs that got me going on the bass.

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Welcome to my blog!

Hey there fellow bassist, thanks for checking out my blog. I've just started, so please stay tuned for cool content in the future. 

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