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The Pros and Cons of Custom Building Your Bass

This is a familiar story that I end up discussing often with my musician friends. I wanted to share it with you all and hear your opinion too. Some of us get tempted to build our own instrument, usually by hiring a local luthier to do it. The question is: is it worth it? Let’s explore some pros and cons.

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Points To Remember When Buying New Bass

New bass day is probably the happiest day for every bassist. You’ll be spending weeks and even months preparing for this day. In the process you’ll spend lots of time reading reviews, watching youtube videos and comparing prices and specs. Here’s how not to lose your path along the way…

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Blues Bass Course Out Now!

I’m really excited to share with you my latest Blues Bass - Quick Start Guide course that has just been published.

I’ve been working on this course for months now and it’s finally ready! I always wanted to make blues bass playing style accessible to everyone. Finally, you can get started with blues bass the easy and FUN way. 

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Bass Halloween

Top 5 Halloween Bass Songs

Halloween is almost here and I wanted to share with you ideas for halloween bass songs to learn that would be perfect for the occasion. You could include the performance of these songs as part of your Halloween party or throw in a song or two in your Halloween gig setlist. They all sound spooky and have awesome bass lines to groove out.

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How To Find The Pocket

The famous “pocket”. You must have heard about the mythical “pocket” all bass players are talking about. It’s interesting that everyone has heard about it, but not many can tell you what it is. It’s something that you need to feel, that comes naturally as you play and get deep into the groove… There is a lot of mystery going around it and I’ll dare say - hype. I’m personally a fan of mysteries and legends, but the pocket has nothing to do with it.

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How to Slap on Bass - Video Lesson

Getting a nice sounding and clean slap sound is known to give trouble to beginners when learning how to slap. This must be a crucial moment, as for those who don't get it right (how to produce a slap sound), it must be a very discouraging experience and they might just quit learning how to play slap bass. This is why I'm posting this mini lesson for you, I want to make it easy for you to learn how to slap on the bass.

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Top 5 Inspiring Slap Bass Videos

Hey bass rebels, I’m back with a new post. The slap bass was my holy grail when I was starting out, and it is something I always wanted to learn how to do (I’m still trying hehe). I remember all the metronome beeps and sleepless nights trying to nail the slap licks and figure out the techniques.

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Bass players shouldn’t use pedals...

Should bass players use effect pedals? It’s always interesting to see reactions guitarists have when they see a bass player laying down a huge pedalboard on stage or in the rehearsal studio. They must be thinking that bass players shouldn't use pedals at all, and there is also a face of disbelief that follows. Once the initial reaction wears off, they start to get interested in the setup and gaze at the pedalboard like it’s a spaceship.

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Why Did You Start Playing Bass?


Bass is not really an instrument you just pick up and start learning. In fact, fifteen years ago I didn't have a clue I'll end up playing bass, but eventually I did, and I'm loving it! I’d guess the guitar and piano are the most popular instruments among beginners starting to play music. When you start to play guitar, you can literally play camp-fire songs within a week or two of practicing. That is really satisfying and if you can also sing - then you’ve got the full “I’m a musician” package that you can showcase.

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The Biggest Obstacle To Learning Bass

When thinking about what could be the biggest obstacle when learning how to play bass, the first thing that comes to my mind is - staying inspired. I guess this is true for all music instruments, including bass guitar. If we are not inspired, then we won’t pick up the instrument to practice so often.

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What To Do When You Make A Mistake Playing Bass On Stage

You’re on stage and you're rocking out. The crowd is so into your band and they are dancing and bobbing their heads to your bass groove. You are in the moment and you are truly enjoying it! What follows is horror: the chorus of the song starts and you suddenly have no idea how the bass line goes. You simply forgot it like you never played it before. You have no idea how this could happen but it did. So what do you do?

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