Blues Bass - Quick Start Guide

Learn to play blues bass from scratch - premium course for 20$ (60% OFF - limited time offer)

What you'll get from this course?

  • Over 29 lectures and 1.5 hours of video content!
  • Gain necessary foundations for tackling blues bass style in-depth
  • Get familiar with the tricks involved in blues bass playing style.
  • Learn to improvise simple & effective blues bass lines over any blues backing track
  • Be more confident when jamming or composing bass lines in general
  • Know how to identify root notes for any given chord
  • Jam over backing tracks or play with a band in a blues bass style
  • Become more familiar with bass fretboard
  • Be able to play with good timing and understand rhythm better

Which add-ons are included?

  • A number of blues bass lines that you can learn note-for-note and steal ideas from
  • PDF, Guitar Pro 5 & Guitar Pro 6 tabs for each playing example
  • Interactive backing track videos for jamming and practice
  • English subtitles
  • Unlimited forum help and instructor feedback

Get started quickly!

This course is my personal shortcut to blues bass playing. I'll show you how to play the blues and provide you with all the necessary ingredients you need to start playing this genre quickly and effortlessly. On top of it all - I'll skip all the booring theory stuff as well and teach you blues through play actual music along with the backing tracks.

Why should I learn to play the blues?

Becasue it's fun! It really is. Blues is a genre that every bass player should know how to jam along. Upon mentioning the word jamming, the 90% of musicians instantly start playing a blues chord progression. You can loose hours without noticing as it's so fun and addictive. You just need to get started and then you'll be prepared to lay down a groovy blues track when your guitar friends asks you to play something that they can solo over. All modern rock, metal and alternative generes have strong origins in blues. Even if you never really listened to blues, you'll be able to feel it instinctively.